Monday, 16 September 2019

Places I go while sitting still.

There are so many things I want to do.  I sometimes feel as if  no matter how many days there are, I don't have enough. I am greedy for days to try all the things I want to do, to express all the things I want to express through the work of my hands, even if no one but me understands just what it is that piece of work says,  even if no one else feels a handmade thing says anything at all,  even if it is a journey no one but me goes on, sitting there in my chair.

All last week, while studiously working on my knitting, I thought about embroidery.  I have several pieces on my walls and have ideas for more. So many more.  I was thinking about pulling out all my embroidery books today just for fun.  I cannot imagine not being deeply inspired by Trish Burr's intensity and sure hand in her lovely work (See her website too) or the delicate touch of Kazuko Aoki .  

I think that is what I am looking for today.  Inspiration.  I am looking to go on a journey in my head rather than sitting stuck in what I am doing.  I may not be much of a real world traveler, but I go miles, many, many miles, while my hands are busy.  

The vest is in the middle of the body and is very back and forth and mindless.  I am trying not to think of knitting other things so I can stay happily focussed and busy knitting this project but I still crave the inspiration of the journey to something else, somewhere else.    

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