Wednesday, 10 July 2019

The Big Harumph

I tried the lacy panels again, dropping down all the stitches, changing the direction the decreases went in and still not what I am looking for.  The next step it is to find something to do with all the yarn that the lace took up, or reknit the last 10 rows of top.  I'm thinking about it.

So, I put that down and went to try some sewing.  The goofy weather meant my sewing machine tension was all wacky and I have to recalibrate it.  It was working fine last time I sat and sewed.

Then I tried some plain knitting but I put that down in favour of a good book, a real book that I have read before, but have not reread in a number of years.  It was all I could muster today.  The day would have been a complete wash except for one thing.

I combed for a couple hours again this morning.  It is turning out so beautifully

that it is hard to believe that there was nothing I did the rest of the day that went right. 

So I guess I am going to call it a win. It is a win.  I guess.  It isn't me.  It's the weather.  Yeah.  I'm going to blame it all on the weather.

Edited to add:  It is a win.  I put my hand in the bag of combed fibre this morning.  Yes.  a WIN.

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