Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Boxy Day

Yesterday was a Boxy day.  Today is going to be another Boxy day.  There is just the upper back, sleeves and neck band to knit and I think it is looking mighty fine.

And it is all good, but for one small thing.  Remember how I worried about the white?  Yeah, that is going to be just fine.  Lots of that left, but I really did need to use as much of the white as possible to make the red go all the way.  I will be starting on the last ball of red shortly, and I do mean shortly.  I am about halfway up to the top on the back section at the moment, but I had hoped to be just the smallest bit farther along before breaking into that last ball of red.

I will only have half a ball of red to make the sleeves with and that might be just the smallest bit short.  I have a feeling that I may have to make more white stripes on the sleeves to get to the five and a half inches they need to be.  They are skinny little sleeves and they start at about the wearer's elbow but still.

I do have some places where I could 'harvest' red from, if need be.  Down at the bottom, I have the problem of a horribly flipping ribbing.  And I do mean horrible.

It is a mess and I am going to go back and fix it.  I have been thinking of adding two rows of white to the ribbing section which would gain me lots of red for the neck band.  That way, I could get as much length on the sleeves as possible.

All in all, though, what a nice pattern for a sweater.  I love knitting Joji's designs. Well written, stylish designs, great schematics, all the things that a knitter really wants from a knit.  And with just a little bit of luck, that Cassie will love to wear. 

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