Monday, 6 August 2018

Stash Dashing

All through my travels, I kept one knitting thing in mind.  I am doing Stash Dash this year and I mean to hit my goal.

To that end, I doggedly kept working on my Granito and I am so glad I did.  Picking away at it, tiny bit by tiny bit, is making Granito happen.

See that completed sleeve?  It looks stubby and short, but it is a perfect 3/4 sleeve.  It's all down to the slight dropped shoulder of this pattern.  I love it. And , though I am not sure it is clear, the second sleeve is well under way too. 

This is the second Joji sweater I have knit and I have to say, if your average sweater patterns do not fit you, knit something from her.  Just like her Lipstick sweater, this design is so easy to adapt for fit issues.  I have a huge difference between my waist and hips and adding the stitches I need to keep a design draping properly on me, is just not a problem here. Stitches can be added along the design feature of this sweater, .  Stitches can be added on a line at the underarm as you would on a regular sweater.  They can be added at design features between the front. and to top it all off, if you are careful and pay attention to drape, you can end up with a sweater that hangs as it does in the original design, even though you added a bajillion stitches in a dozen ways.

I've been trying it on regularly to make sure the sleeve was right, and I love it.  It is very probable, that there will be more Granito sweaters in my future.

In order to meet my Stash Dash goal of 7000 m, I need to get this sweater done.  And, when it is done, I will need one more project complete.  Even socks will make it happen.  That one more project is because I rounded up my estimates for yarn use. If I do the Dash next year, I am going to round down my estimates to prevent this late dash panic looking for a project I can finish.  

But if I stick to it, I will win.  What will I win?  Absolutely nothing more than my personal pride. And I like it that way.

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