Sunday, 5 August 2018

One last adventure

As I left Thunder Bay early on Thursday morning, I figured my yarn adventures were done till Saskatoon.  The one place I really wanted to see in Winnipeg is no more, sadly.  But I had forgotten this treat, not too far from Dryden Ontario, Egli's Wool and Sheepskin Co. 

 Not strictly a yarn shop, but oh so very very wooly.  If you want wool long johns, they have them.  Socks.  They have them.  Sheepskin hats and coats.  They make them.  It is just a really really lovely sheepy place and well worth your stop.  They carried Briggs and Little and Lopi and a few other brands in small amounts.  Now you would think that this would mean I didn't buy anything.  But I did.

Because they are a production facility and this is a factory store, they had bags filled with bits, separated into large pieces bags and small bits bags for a really good price.  I picked up ends in tan, gray and navy. I opened this bag and I really am pleased with the sheepskin inside.  Nice usable pieces for sure.

And then, the perfect thing from a grandma on a wool trip to get for her grandkids.

No possible way I could leave these sweet sheep behind.

I stayed overnight in Winnipeg and on Friday afternoon, I hit Saskatoon.  I was on my home territory.  So it was time to wind up my cross Canada Adventure with a stop at Prairie Lily. I didn't stop there when I began my journey.  I was too eager to begin.  That worked out rather well for me, because while I was away, she got some lovely new yarn in the shop.

Fibra Natura Flax Lace

I adore linen.  If I could, I would wear only linen.  This is going to be a shawl.  I haven't really bought any yarns just for shawls.  I think.  Mostly I see sweaters from the yarns I bought along the way, but this.  This is a shawl.

And then, middle of Saturday afternoon, I hit my hometown, Mundare.  As towns go, it is one of the prettiest along the way.  

And so my long Sunday drive is done. I'm just going to sit a spell and knit now. 


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Anna Sargent said...

What an adventure! Would have loved to be at the Sheep factory with you. And the linen yarn is beautiful, love the colors!