Thursday, 2 August 2018

Beside the Purchasing

There are woolly adventures that have nothing to to with buying.  I've been going along great guns on my Cat Boat pullover.  First off, I love this yarn. If you ever see some in a shop, pick it up and give it a good squeeze.  It is scrumptious.

I've always thought I'd run out of yarn for this sweater.  I debated making a sleeveless something, but it just did not want to be that.  This yarn wanted to be a sweater.  Which leaves me with how to get there.  I don't have anything in my stash that reflects the simple goodness of this yarn.  I debated buying some but even then, the question is how to use a colour and keep the simple lines and classic shape. I think I know but first I have to knit the back and sleeves.  

I would like to keep it as monochromatic as possible.  I've picked a grey Cascade 220 to hopefully knit an intarsia panel in the center front, right up and over the collar.  I looked at buying more Osprey but it is expensive and only available from a couple of places here in Canada.   If I don't like the way the Cascade performs here, well, I guess I will have to do it.  Cascade is a little lighter than Osprey, so games are afoot.

But that is it for road tales today.  

And for Christine, So pre slept in pre clothes?  The idea has merit but the cones are a problem, indeed!

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