Friday, 6 July 2018

Itchy Fingers

And done.

All the ends woven in, everything complete but for buttons and a second blocking to settle it out to wear.  I am going to give a second go to getting the yoke more smooth now that I know how everything fits.

I could say I am looking forward to winter, but I am not.  Truly.  But I am looking forward to wearing the sweater and that is as it should be!

Still thinking of what my wardrobe needs and what I need is some new basic sweaters.  Shapes that are so standard that they are beyond fashion and beyond time.  Things that can go the distance. I like the turn away from less fitted things, but I also know that lots of ease on a large woman sometimes looks like just a too big sweater.  I think I am a creature of that middle ground, the ordinary, things that fit in an ordinary way.

I envisage crew neck sweaters with saddle shoulders.  A raglan, though I would probably modify it a bit.  I don't like the way raglans sit on my shoulders. I need lightweight turtlenecks to wear under other sweaters.  I need a few knitted t shirt style shirts.  I need a shirt style sweater to match the one in my eyes mind.  And I would like to put my basic brioche knowledge to work and make a nice ordinary sweater out of it.

The first thing I will start is a turtleneck.  It's going to be a heavier one though, and it will be in a frosty cool colour.  I'm going to use Osprey from Quince and Company.  It's a lovely soft yarn that is going to be just right for a close to you all over sweater. Or so I hope.  

Unless the pattern problem isn't resolved today.  It hiccupped and I was given a code.  I know it will come but if it arrives late in the day, I may have started something else.

Because, you know.  Itchy Fingers.  Can't wait till Monday.

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