Thursday, 5 July 2018

Travel Knitting - A Conundrum

I grabbed something to knit this morning and I was a little surprised what came to hand.

I guess I am knitting a ribbed placket and collar band this morning.  It was going along really well and I was just starting to think about the buttonholes, which would take place on the red row, which is up next, when I realized that the corners between neckline and placket looked off.  

I sat a while and just looked and it took a lot longer than I want to say, for me to see what I was doing.  I am currently decreasing at the corners instead of increasing.  Sigh.  It seemed like a good time to take a break and write the blog.

Up till that discovery, I was thinking about my upcoming travels, debating just what I am going to take along for knitting.

I have signed on for Stash Dash again this year, and that means the bulk of my knitting ought to be from stash or WIPs until the Dash is over.  But with the above sweater complete, my total will be almost 5000 m completed since May.  Yes I did game the system, particularly with this sweater,  but WIPs count for all the yarn in the project. Even if all I knit is the ribbing, I get it all.  Bwahahaha

I am aiming for 7000 m so there is still a ways to go.  I am definitely taking the Granito Sweater along with me to work on. 

That would take my total almost all the way to seven thousand.  I just need a pair of socks or a small shawl and I am good. And, I don't really need to worry about that too much because I do have the spinning I am doing right now.  It won't take any effort at all to get that finished and plied.  It looks like I will meet my goal so long as I complete the Granito sweater.  

So Granito is coming with me, and I think me version of  First Point of Aires 

It is nice easy, fairly unthinking knitting.  Once the next step is figured out, it is just garter stitch and to stay doing the one thing you have to do for that section.  Almost as good as sock knitting.

The real challenge is deciding what I will knit after these things are completed.  There are two sweaters that I was thinking of.  

The Keynote Pullover by Mary Lou Egan.  The problem with it is that the yarn I wish to use, some Harrisville Silk and Wool, is a light airy cream.  I am not so sure it is the right colour for knitting while on the road, and living out of the back of your car. 

The other is Catboat by Amy Herzog and Custom Fit.  One of my other goals for the year was to knit a sweater in pieces.  I don't mind sewing them together but usually knit as seamless as possible.  I just feel much more confident that I know the fit that I need top down in the round. Thinking about doing it in pieces makes my head hurt so I am going to go to Custom Fit for this basic wardrobe piece.  The only problem is, that I was planning to do it in a cream Aran weight yarn because I have a lot of that in my stash and because cream goes with everything. Again, not really the right colour for on the road knitting.

Right now, I either knit the Catboat in a different yarn, possibly a green DK I have in stash, or I find a different sweater to knit.

The other thing that I really wanted to finish in 2018 is the Dancing Reindeer shawl.  I have talked about this one for years.  The yarn is wound and ready to go.  I have the pattern, but will my head want to knit on a fairly complex design while I meander around the nation? Plus, there is a lot of cream in it.

I do have a couple other thought, but they have not quite formed themselves fully, but as I knit today, I am going to think hard about yarns that would be good for travel knitting.  If I focus on yarns, maybe a pattern will sort itself out as I go.



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