Monday, 11 June 2018

Now, where was I again?

I've been home since Friday night but the kids and their dad were here on Saturday.  My first real day  just for me, was yesterday and I spent it, doing absolutely nothing other than a very little bit of knitting.  It was wonderful.

But this morning, my first thought was 'what on earth am I going to do today?'  If it wouldn't be for the blog, I wouldn't remember what I was doing back at the beginning of May at all.  I know there are things I was in the middle of, and there are things that I now need to do to accomplish what I thought up while I was away, done, but my goodness, where to start?

Before the beginning of May I picked up a couple things that still need doing.

Hang the clock.  I have always had a clock in my study, and it has irked me ever since I left my house, that I did not hear a clock ticking at night.  It is such a nice meditative sound. It also irks me that I can't see the time without starting up a device or my computer.  So, job 1, hang clock.

Same time as the clock arrived, I picked up a small garbage unit for in my bathroom.  I have a huge ensuite but the layout is a bit odd.  There is no good place for a garbage can to stand.  This, tucked in the giant empty cabinet under the sink is going to be perfect. So job 2, install garbage can unit.

According to this blog, I was washing sweaters, prepping them for summer storage.  

Ah yes.  The washed ones.  Job 3, put these away in proper storage bags.  There are a few more to wash as well, so that would be job 4.

And then this.  

At the beginning of May, I was prepping for my garage sale, and doing some extra special babysitting while my wee pumpkin was born. I barely had a chance to set it in my living room before I was needed to babysit again while my little sweetie went under the jaundice lights.

Bonus photo of my little sweetie from the weekend, via his mommy.  He looks a lot like his Papa Jim and his Great Grandpa Ian Morrice.

So, job 5 must be to put my new spinning wheel to use.

And in other news, at my other grandchildren's house, mommy's home!

Little people and mom are reunited.  No happier little people possible!  

So, my tasks are lined up, indeed some are already begun and soon enough I will feel normal again.  Or I would if I ever knew normal in the first place.

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