Wednesday, 27 June 2018

I had all kinds of time...

I had all kinds of time yesterday, and I failed to use it.  It did not take me nearly as long to get the tires on my car sorted out as I thought it would and was still home by two, which meant that I had all kinds of time after lunch to get on with some knitting or do some tidying up and I did not use it.  

I sat sock in hand, with no actual knitting happening.  I feel like I stalled somewhere along the way for no good reason.  On reflection, maybe what I really needed was a nap. I seem to be out of the habit since I was with my kiddies. The brain still shut down but the napping did not happen.

Today I mean to do better.  I mean to finish the sleeves on the sweater.  The sweater has been sitting looking at me, wondering why I haven't touched it for a week.  It's a fairly well mannered sweater so when I tuck it away it only coughs quietly once in a while to get my attention. But it really does deserve to be finished.

I have to go back about 3 decrease rounds and do the increases more rapidly to get down to the size the other sleeve is before I start the tuck stitches for the bottom of the sleeve.  I have to say, I like the way the tucks look much more than I thought I would.  It makes such an interesting ending to a long column of plain, as if the sleeve is already pushed up for wear.

Then blocking and then, the pièce de résistance, I have to pull out the sewing machine again to sew the inside lining, which is going to be interesting in and of itself. 

I have done a fair bit of sock knitting and shawl knitting this last week.  I'm pretty sure that it is just the idea of ripping back that bit and redoing that is making me sluggish on the sweater. That often happens when a change is in order.  I set it aside and then the project sits for a very long time.  It is how I build up my WIP baskets, or WIP footstools in my case. I mean to address this sweater today and resolve it and move on to the next interesting knit.

So when I have all kinds of time today, I mean them to be full.    

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