Monday, 28 May 2018

One and Done

On Sunday morning, I sat down to work on something.  I didn't feel awake enough for a sweater, so I picked up the Log Cabin mittens I have been working on.  It just felt like the right thing.

I was watching F1 and while some races are conducive  to great knitting, Monaco isn't one of them.  It's full of corners and lots of busy things.  Picking up all the stitches was only possible because of commercials!

Shortly after the race  was won, I finished mitt number two.

I'm pretty pleased with them.  The ends need weaving and for small things, they have a lot of ends, but they fit nicely and will keep my hands warm next winter.  

I did one mistake.  The mitts are exactly the same, so the second back of the hand doesn't show the same part of the pattern as the first, but by the time I realized it, it was too late to worry about it.    They will do the job.

The other thin about getting this little job done first in Stash Dash is it clears the way  for getting some socks done as palate cleansers  between larger projects.

And tht was it fo Sunday knitting.   My grandkids are here and we are planting flowers today.  Wish me luck.


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