Saturday, 26 May 2018

Dash: To run or travel in a great hurry

Why yes, yes I am.  

Late yesterday afternoon, at about a third of the way through the back section, I started working off the second skein of yarn.  Today, after knitting the whole day, with breaks for excersize, gratuitous meandering on Ravelry, a good nap and dishes, I got to this point on skein number two.

I am about a third of the way through the second underarm section.  

What a wonderful day.  After months of lingering hand numbness and pain and all sorts of oddness and weirdness and strains, sprains and tendonitis,, my right hand finally feels good and strong enough to do what it needs to do and I owe it to one thing.

A Powerball.  I've had mine for two weeks, admittedly not heavy knitting weeks, but with it's help, I knit an entire baby blanket last weekend, and I knit a huge part of a sweater today.  I took regular breaks, about 10 minutes every hour, and several longer breaks, but I did a lot of knitting last weekend, and again this weekend, with no soreness, no tiredness, no numbness, no aches.  I feel like myself again when I sit down to knit.  How lovely to get back to it.

I am dashing to get this one done, because there are lots more things to knit, and I cannot wait to get to knit those too.


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