Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Getting it all to fit in.

It would be really nice if I remembered how to fit it all in.  I think it will take some work. I did knit yesterday but only while on adventure with Marcus and then only a bit.

It felt like a good day to look at Amy's sweater again.

 You can see the opening for the sleeve.   I have just started working across the back stitches and am very pleased with how it looks this time around. 

What this join is, is a basic perpendicular join.  It looks odd when you have worked this sort of join before, but only because usually the join is usually knit firmly on a shoulder strap or a ribbing.  This sweater is knit at a fairly loose open gauge so that the fabric of the sweater flows and that the short rows just do their job to add to it all .

Things are moving along nicely in the sweater.  It remains a fast feeling knit.  There is always something to do and that busy work makes time and stitches fly by.  My  next bunch of days are going to be filled with kids and chasing kids, cats and dogs, but I really do hope that there is some time in here for knitting.

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