Friday, 25 May 2018

Stash Dash: Declaring My Intentions

The knitting continues on Amy's Camping Pole sweater.  It is in the long part where there is really only two things happening, a short row section and the rows between.  It's not that exciting for you but I am really enjoying working it.

 I'm a big fan of the Knit Girllls video podcast.  A couple of summers ago, I did Stash Dash with them and had a lot of fun.  I tried some of their other event things and failed miserably.  Last year, there wasn't anything that I was interested in focusing on to finish by summers end.  This year?  I've been pre-gaming the system.  

This sweater? Needs a steek cut and placket and collar and it is done.  I left it because here was no rush but also left completing it for Stash Dash.  

This sweater, begun last summer and still waiting for completion?  Going to be complete before the end of summer.

And this sweater?  Planning on finishing this before summer begins.  It's a camping sweater.  She will use it this year even though my wee Emmett is still teeny tiny and adorable and cute. They love camping.

But, there is more.

 I really want to get this pair of handwarmers done.   I am know that the pair I made last winter made a huge difference to my hands and wrists.  I've only stopped wearing them to bed this last few weeks when the weather warmed up to extremely hot so suddenly.  I'd like to have a couple more pairs of various warmers ready for winter, but this is the one I will focus on finishing. 

And last but not least,

This lovely shawl. Bridgewater. I started her a lifetime ago.  I meant to finish her for sure last Christmas for Olga's mom, but hand problems, a messy lace problem and a short timeline meant it didn't happen.  It is past time for it to be finished.  

I do hope to complete at least one of the pairs of socks that are on the needles.  It would actually be nice to finish more than one but with a few pairs in the wings ready and waiting, I don't feel a lo of pressure.  

 Totally Pre-gamed, to say nothing of the many projects I would like to start!

Stash Dash, starts today!

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