Monday, 7 May 2018

After a busy busy week.

Made it through the garage sale in fine style.  It was wonderful except I forgot some of the things that were the reason for having the garage sale.  Oh well.  They will go to second hand or the dump if we must.

And I made it through baby.  Wee Emmett is doing wonderfully well.  He is a trooper sleeping for mama and eating and doing the diaper thing.  He is utterly adorable and I cannot wait to see him again. And I made it to here.  Sunday was the first day of normal in what feels like forever.  Only it wasn't forever, it just feels that way. 

But there was knitting.  Lost of very feels just right knitting.

I restarted Amy's Pole in a lovely new yarn, Cascade Duo.  It knits up with no obvious colour changes, just a pleasing softly muted little here, little there sort of Ragg look. 

It feels so much better having the right yarn for the pattern.  I am going to have to line it though, with a soft stretchy t shirt knit fabric.  Wool makes her feel itchy, but I know that she will appreciate the wonders of wool when she is out camping or on a chilly winters evening watching a movie or out running errands in the early fall.

Pole is such an interesting approach to knitting a circle sweater.  It isn't a circle from the center out.  It has such a lovely shape as you view it from the back.  It is just a really attractive thing that is kind of fun to knit.  I am just at the first sleeve section in no time at all.  The only real steady knitting I did on it was yesterday evening watching 'Unforgotten' on TV.  The rest was between playing and talking with grandkids, and when the garage sale was quiet.  It sort of zips along, taking you far into the sweater before you know it. It isn't something you will get bored with.  There is always something interesting going on.  Short rows, joining, plain rows, all alternating in a pleasing keeps your mind entertained sort of way.

Anyway, this sweater is going along really nicely.  The other not so much.  It's parked and now there is a bit of baby knitting that needs to happen before it too. I just have to sort out what I am going to knit for my wee little fellow.  So many choices!  

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