Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The 97th of January

I saw a facebook meme the other day that perfectly encapsulates how I feel about the weather this spring.

At this time of year, all it takes for the snow to go is sun.  The sun is just too high in the sky not to make things melt and the air to be warmer.  But as much as this meme is the most funny thing about this kind of cold wet, slush producing spring weather, what it really means is it is sweater weather extended.

And I could not stay away.

It was a rabbit hole that was just lurking, waiting for me to be weak and I was.  I jumped and had the most wonderful time!  And you know what?  No bad results.  In fact, my hand feels better than it has in a very long time.  I didn't knit this in one sitting.  It was a day of knit a row, fill the dishwasher.  Knit two rows, sweep the floor.  Progress, not all at once, but progress at a steady hand strengthening pace. 

When I had to stop, I was in full sweater obsession mode.  It was difficult to fill in my days.  I survived but it wasn't pretty and no my house did not get significantly tidier.  Going back to knitting made everything better.  Even a little bit of knitting made a huge difference to how I sleep, how cheerful I am, how eagerly I look forward to my day. 

In the case of my particular injury to my thumb, I could not have knit another style to help alleviate any RSI that may be part of this sore hand problem, but it does make me much more aware of the importance of knowing exactly what my hands are doing when I knit.

I noticed on Sunday, that my ring and pinky fingers sit just a bit differently when I use double pointed needles than they do when I use circulars.  With double points, the last two fingers on my right hand are supporting a needle and keep it in place.  With a circular, they tend to just sit there.  That fine difference between working and a static kind of tension probably contributed to how the hand problems started in the first place.  It surely didn't help.     

While I am knitting today for sure, but I am also going to do a bit of spinning.  I have some brilliant rainbow colours that need to come off the bobbins so I can have some fun with new fibre.  It is going to be a bobbin clearing sort of day. Here is hoping that all the reading of the last few weeks make a real difference to my plying results!

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