Monday, 16 April 2018

One of those days

One of those days.  Yes it is.  One of those knitting days.

Good Morning!

Ok, I lied.  There was no knitting Saturday but by Sunday afternoon, there had been a bit of knitting, just a little. There was almost no computing over the weekend, and avoiding the mouse use seems to be a critically important part of healing this.

I took this sock, last seen in January to this:

So, about an inch of knitting. Not all at once, and not in any concerted sort of way but a bit at a time, throughout the day.  

The sock is a monster sock of sorts.  The black yarn is a bit I have left over from other things, but the Kroy with the blue, tan and grey is a new skein of Kroy as is the soft multi greyed Sisu.  It is a bit boring in colour, but the knitting is plain and I thought that might help while my hands get stronger again.

The knitting seems to actually be helping make my hand feel better, stronger certainly.  I am almost using it as a warmup for the rest of the things in my day.  

I frogged the proto sweater I started the other day.  I just did not like the yarn in combination with the pattern.  I really want to make another Leisl, in a wool yarn because it makes a really nice light sweater and the knitting is fun and fast.  Perfect for late spring knitting and great to wear all summer long. But not that yarn.  

I have to ponder a while  about what yarn I do want to use.  I think because of the lace it needs to be a rounder less fuzzy sort of yarn.  I know I have plenty of that sort on hand so it will definitely be a from stash sweater.  It is just that there are several very good options to ponder.

Anyway, for now my knitting is on socks and shawls and things that are lighter in weight on slippy needles. If I go carefully this week, I hope to get to finishing the ribbing 
on my sweater next week.  I can't wait to see if my monkeying around with yarn weights worked out.  Very excited.  

Still going for physio to learn how to avoid this, but very excited to be back to knitting.

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