Monday, 9 April 2018

Stuff before the last of my coffee.

I am now the owner of only 1 spinning wheel.  My Julia is indeed gone off to a new home and her owner loves her.  So that leaves me sitting wondering if I can manage with 3 bobbins or if I ought to find some more!  

But that is for another day.  

This retreat marks the end of winter in a way for me and it is time to get on to the things of warmer weather.  (Not that we have warmer weather right now. It is still below average)  

Our town has a town wide garage sale every year and people flock from all around.  Many sales at the same time means more people come to see what owners have up for grabs.  I am participating this year, and seeing how the first nine days of April are already gone, I am going to have to get a lot done before that first weekend in May.

I have already gone through the yarn, and I know what has to come out of the spare bedroom.  Today it is time to hit up the kitchen. When I came to live here, I knew that eventually, some stuff had to go.  We have a lot of cabinets, but no one needs 3 teapots or doubles of toasters and rice cookers.  And really, 2 slow cookers is enough (one to dye with, one for food).  As well as the doubled appliances and things, there are casserole dishes and other bits and pieces too.  I used to use a lot more large dishes when all 3 boys were teenagers.  I just don't need this many large pieces.  There are a few decorative pieces that I had thought I might use, that I don't and pictures that have no home here.  Odds and ends of a life really, things that were perfect for other places and times. 

Time to get on with the things of the day. But first, just one more sip of my coffee.  😇

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