Monday, 19 March 2018

Since Friday

I don't clearly recall watching TV as a child, but I do recall as an adult.  There has never been a time where I did not have a book or a something in my hand while watching TV.  

I crocheted or hand sewed or embroidered.  Or read.  Mostly reading through the years, while watching TV.  Anything, but I never just sat and watched TV.

And this weekend, that was all I could do.  Wednesday I hurt my thumb while carding the batts.  I took it pretty easy Thursday with only the spinning but that was it.  Thursday night was horrible and night has been horrible since.  My thumb cramps up badly every couple of hours and I wake up in pretty serious pain.  I would have gone to see a doctor on Friday afternoon but he doesn't have office hours.  I didn't think it was an emergency room type problem.  

I was wrong. It was. There will be doctoring today.

My previous injury isn't bad, though I think it is greatly irritated and affected by this one.  But considering the worst is my thumb, I haven't been able to do anything.  But watch TV.  

Without something in my hands.  I am going nuts and not so slowly either.  I tried going through books on my shelves.  I love meandering through the knitting books, the miniature books, the crochet and quilting books, just for fun, but books are heavy.  I couldn't read or hold a book for very long.  I did try the Kobo ereader, but even that has weight and caused some problems.  

Heck, I can't even decently clean.  Holding a broom or mop or the duster is a problem, and using my left for these jobs ...I am so not ambidextrous.  This part doesn't bother me much though.  I can leave cleaning, no problem.  But everything else.

Let's just say that my Audible and Acorn subscriptions were in heavy rotation but my hands were still free and restless. As am I.

This pretty much describes my weekend.  Starts slow and in control and then at about the 1:50 mark, it goes nuts.  

I'm just going to hope that there are not too many knitting free days in my near future.  


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