Tuesday, 20 March 2018

When you can't knit you...

Go looking at yarn.

I think.  I spent a fair bit of time meandering the internet yesterday, looking at various yarns and filling shopping carts with delicious things.  It's a sort of fun sport, because really, I do not need more yarn.  Well, not for most things anyway.

Today, I actually have a commission of sorts.  Keith said this morning, 'Now there is a sweater"  The Weather guy on CBC's Edmonton morning show, otherwise known as the TV camera in the radio studio show, was wearing a nice basic sweater, v neck and it was grey.  Keith said that it was a man sweater for the ages, no stripes, one colour, plain.  And then he said he wished that he could find the sweater I made him a few years ago because he would probably wear it downstairs, where it can be cool at this time of year.  

It was a great sweater, using Jared Flood's Brownstone pattern using Berroco's Remix.  At the time, he wanted the sweater for golf, and asked for that kind of collar.  He found the collar just too much to wear it for golf, and I think he wore it most often in his car, while driving with the top down.

He didn't realize it was missing till we were talking a while ago, and I told him I could change the collar if he wanted.  He went looking and nada.  He thinks it was in his car, and he can't remember seeing it since his car was stolen a few years back. 

He may or may not have asked for a sweater.  Nonetheless, he is getting a sweater. I asked him if he wouldn't like wool, because I have a couple things here already that would make nice warm plain sweaters, some Briggs & Little and some Cascade Eco+, in the quantity I would need for a sweater.  BUT  he said no wool.  Which is a little sad, but not really.    

 It gives me something to look for when I am out and about meandering.  I will look at other non woolly blends, but for the same reason as that first sweater, Remix is a contender.  

So shopping.  With a goal.  I like that.

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Christine said...

Did you read Franklin Habit’s latest Mason Dixn comtribution, about why he doesn’t design for men? I laughed out loud. https://www.masondixonknitting.com/books-franklin-martin-storey-nancy-marchant/