Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Little Mittens

Yesterday was a very special day.  It was my Carter's 4th birthday.  Because Carter is such a sweet darling boy, Carter deserves a pair of mittens from Grandma.

A pair of mittens for small kids doesn't take much.  Not in yarn or time.  I pulled out the good stuff, some balls of Drops Big Fabel (I wish there was more on the market) .  I did consider some Briggs & Little, but I think Carter and his momma will like this supremely superwash better.

I'm knitting these fairly tightly.  I think that is better for a good snow proof mitten, and I am also knitting them a bit big, for a 6 year old rather than a 4 year old.  They are okay for now, and with spring mere days away, they will get much more wear next winter.  Bigger is good.

And before you know it, voila, a sweet pair of mittens for my peanut.

Happy Birthday to my sweet little boy. Best giggle ever.

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