Monday, 12 March 2018

Brier Knitting

It was the closing weekend of the brier, and I am afraid, knitting got a little out of hand.  On Friday's post the picture showed I was just starting the third section of colour.  

That is Friday.  A quick glance will look like I haven't done all that much,

 only I have.  I am on the last colour of yarn.  

That mottled grey section is a section of serious work.  It is about that point in a sweater body where I start working increases across the back to give a me a fit that looks nice.  It is where the stitch count goes wild, you might say.  By the time that grey section is done, a significant number of stitches have been added.  It's a lot of knitting and by the time I get to the end of the increases, the stitch count is where most people get nosebleeds and whine about the number of stitches.  

I however am made of sterner stuff and never whine about stitch counts, cough cough.  

No more increases though.  This last section is all a straight tube of knitting.  I have 4 balls of the darkest grey colour which should be ample to take me to the length I want.  I aim to have at least a half ball of yarn left of that darkest grey to modify the sleeves.  I want to take out some of the black on the sleeve cuffs because I don't have enough of the black to make the entire bottom hem black plus I also need a bit of black for the placket and neckline edge.  The black is not the colour I thought I would be short of at all.     

Curling is such a great thing to watch while you are knitting.  It is broken up into time to watch shots closely followed by shot talk and setting up and things where you can pay attention to your work.  Not sure what happens to other knitters, but when it gets a little more intense,  I knit faster and faster and then, wham, the end is complete and I can knit at a more reasonable pace again.

Much of this sweater ended up being brier knitting and I want to thank all the curlers who helped me get here with such speed.  If it happens that I don't get this sweater complete this week, it's good to know that Ford World Women's Curling starts this weekend.   And it is also good to know that I have the next sweater all wound up and ready to go.

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