Monday, 5 March 2018

There was a snowstorm so I went traveling!

A quick trip to Saskatoon in the middle of a snowstorm netted me something lovely.

Prairie Lily carries Remix Light and now, so does my stash.

A few years ago, I knitted a sweater from Remix and it quickly became a mainstay of my wardrobe.  What sweater wouldn't when you can machine wash and dry it.  When they brought out the Light line in the same blend of fibres, I was thrilled.  This might very well be the best summer yarn ever.

I have an idea too that magically appeared when I was looking at patterns online one day and the same idea came to me when I was looking at this soft range of colours.  She had lots of the gray so that will be my main colour.  The yoke of the sweater is going to be a darkening colour gradient that may or may not be separated by a band of the darkest blue.

I know what i want it to look like.  I have to swatch now to see how that idea will look.  

The other thing that the quick trip to Saskatoon dealt with was to finally get the Christmas presents to their homes!  I forgot them at Christmas and with the snowstorms Western Canada had last weekend, it was perfect for winter gifts.

The guys opened their hats first, and then the girls got into it.  Ms Birthday girl opened hers up first and with the guys having put their hats on, she put her tea cozy on.  It actually fits really nice as a hat.  Even sister Kathy beside my dad, who got the largest of the hats  (They have me doing it now) tea cozy, found she could get real style if she rolled the brim!  They are trying to make pouty mouths for the picture, but they laugh too much!  Anyway it was a lovely weekend, and baby sister, Glenda has now joined us among the really big 0's.   

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