Friday, 2 February 2018

The grumps.

I woke this morning feeling just a tad grumpy.  My hand hurts again, and that bothers me a great deal.  To that end, I ground beans for my coffee this morning.  And I am really enjoying it.  But it isn't enough to pull me up from the grumps.

I think it is that it isn't going to be a knitting day.  It will be a great not knitting day because I am going to go play with my kiddies today, but in a week of a lot of not a lot of knitting, I am grumpy and I need just a little knitting to take the edge off.  

But I guess, I will let Marcus do that for me.  Discontent and grumpy just cannot live around a little boy who lives such adventures so fully as these.

And Marcus' response to his art?  (Check out the letters!  For three he is doing a great job!)

You know how it is when you are three and you get in trouble with mom.  But he is absolutely inconsolable that he is in trouble.  Heartfelt. He didn't quite understand that he is in trouble for drawing on the wrong places, but I am sure that he did shortly after this picture was taken and he is absolutely never going to do it again.

I am off.  If I can be in the moment the way little people are, that really is all I need to banish the grumps.

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Christine said...

Oh my gosh, thank you so much for this post. It made me go look at all the happy faces that our #1 son drew on all the windowsills one day when I thought he was safely in his room. Somehow the pencil bonded with the window vinyl in such a way that I have never been able to scrub, erase, or wash them off. 15 years on, they are now one of the secret treasures of this house, along with the fork stab marks in the kitchen table and the secret portal drawn on one of the back of the closet walls.