Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Monster Sock Three

This morning felt like the world snuck in on misty feet, and tried to slowly wake me.  I resisted and lay in bed for the longest time snuggled in the warmth of my covers.  I had such a good sleep and I am energized and ready for whatever the day holds in store.

As I was sipping my first coffee this morning, I did a little knitting.  It is really the best way to start any day.  They just go together.

I knit a bit from each of the colours so far, and while I am pretty pleased with the result, I think I have to go find some gray or other small dark ends.  Part of my aim making a monster is to have all the yarns be present all the way up the sock.  Because I have used all the yarns each once, and because some of the balls already seem awfully small, I am worried that they won't make it all the way.  I might not be particular about having identical socks, but the possibility of having to finish off in colours not related to what I started with, kind of irks me.  

So, that is the first task of the day.  Find more small balls of something dark to use with the reds. Curtains.  Dress.  Knitting.  Lots to do today. 

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