Tuesday, 1 August 2017

A good plan

The dress was a good plan.  A really good plan.  That did not get done.  How very like me.

But I am thrilled with what I did get done yesterday.

I have a really really inexpensive bed from Ikea. That really inexpensive bed used to come with hard flat slats to lay the mattress on.  I know, because I previously had a double of the same bed frame.  New and Improved bed bases are now the thing at Ikea, and for the last 6 months I have been sleeping in various degrees of discomfort and occasionally downright pain.  The new arched base may work for some, but not for me.  I tried everything.  Thick mattress. Thin. Memory foam mattress. Other firmer foam.  I switched out as much as I could but all I ever had was a sore back and it was getting worse.  

So I went out to the lumberyard and purchased 1 x 4s cut to the 38 inch inside dimension of my bed and pulled out the new fangled base, put in the flat board and voila.  Two nights of much better sleep and no more back pain, just the usual older person stiffness in the morning.  That last part is nothing that a good stretching session can't fix.   

But that left me with something to get rid of yet again and I just hate that.  The birch slats really are very pretty and have an elegant curve to them.  So what to do?

Well, I was also having a problem that my pillow kept slipping between bed and wall which led to the bed slipping well out of place every night, which meant that when I blindly grabbed for my glasses on waking, I was reaching through thin air and the glasses were on the night table, well out of reach. 

I had been thinking of making a button tufted head board, and was heading in that direction when I looked at the slats yesterday.  It struck me that they might make a really nice headboard.

They look a little wonky right now.  They are only screwed in at the top and every time I move the bed, they move too.  Keith is going to give me a hand and nail the bottom slats into the base and he is also going to nail the last slat horizontally across the top to finish it all off.  They don't look particularly even here, though they are.  Or they were before I started putting the screws in place to hold them.  

I am pretty pleased.  The finish on these slats is lovely and is much fancier than the bed itself.  It looks much nicer and it hold the pillows in place just fine. No moving bed from pillows slipping out of place. 

You can also see the uprights that I have attached on one side of the bed.  This is an enormous room.  It echoes and feels empty and lonely even though it is stuffed to the brim with stuff.  I am putting up a curtain between the uprights, some of that pretty dandelion fabric from Ikea  to give me a bedroom of a more comfortable dimension and to give me a bit more of a study in the study part.  

I made another trip to Ikea today and once again, their fabric section blows me away.  I picked up some really lovely lightweight cotton for 3.99 a metre.  I picked up enough for living room curtains (since I am now using the dandelion fabric in my bedroom) and enough to have on hand for other things that come up, like lining for handbags and for an underskirt for little girls dress and such. They may not have every colour but hey, all I really wanted was white.

And now, I must pop off to bring in what I hope will be the last furniture for a very very long time.  I need more room for dvds.  I have two in my living room and needed more. When everything is tidy, there are still two healthy stacks of dvds that have no place to go.  It feels untidy and disordered even when the room is spotless and that means something has to change.  The likelihood of me never buy another dvd is pretty darn slim so... 

Anyway, have a lovely evening!

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