Monday, 31 July 2017

Of Monsters

I seem to be in a Monster sock phase, that is for sure.  

The only knitting I did over the weekend was this.

I thought these would be the dullest socks ever seen.  All those yarns with gray did not set my soul on fire, but I sure do like the result.  Just enough purple and green and other odd bits of colour to keep up interest  as I knit along.   

As I got near the end of sock two, I started figuring out the next sock.  I have two batches of yarns that I want to use up.  

One red with punches of yellow

and one blue

and I have no idea which one appeals to me more.  It's a very even contest.  I am leaning toward the blue but I think I will start the red.  That will leave me the slightly more interesting blue to wind up with.  Plus, I have a feeling that somewhere in one of the boxes is another blue yarn that will look great with these.  Or maybe it is in an ongoing sock.

Now that I think it it, that may well be this that is giving me the strong feeling that I ought to wait with the blue.  I have an extremely pretty blue sock underway following the Belgian Lace pattern from Around the World in Knitted Socks.

Yeah, I might have to wait for this bit for this blue.  With leftovers of this blue, I will only need small sections of navy to punch it up.  Or none at all. Something to think about.

Once these two pairs of monster socks are complete, I think the monster run will be over for this year.  If it isn't, if the urge is still there,  I have one more trick up my sleeve.  All that remains of this bag is a bunch, and I do mean a bunch of very very small balls of yarn.  There wouldn't be enough to do a seven row stripe of most of them.  I have been thinking of doing a helical stripe sock with all those little bits. Just for the fun of it!

I have some serious work today sewing.  I have Cassie's dress to work on today.  The knitting is done but I have been mulling how to make a perfectly splendid little twirly skirt for my favourite little girl, without having too much bulk where the skirt attaches to the knitting.  I've also been mulling if the very lightweight fabric should have a lining, or just two layers of skirt.  I have plenty of fabric.   

For now, just a little bit of knitting and a second cup of coffee to get the day underway. 

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