Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Ta Daaaaa Genius

I have been pondering my first weave on my new loom.  It has taken me a couple weeks to ponder because it seemed like there was always something in the way. 

Last week I bought yarn.

This weekend, I got up the courage to wind the warp.  I had pondered just how I was going to do that.  I didn't want to have to spend any more right now.  Not till I have a couple things sorted out anyway and I know better what my new budgetary considerations are.  But that did not change the fact that I only had one warping peg.  I debated chairs, and all the other usual things, but I wondered if there wasn't a solution that didn't involve the floor.

I perused the internet for solutions but other than build your own to look like a commercial one, and chair legs, there really aren't a lot of options.  

And then I saw a person who used spring clamps on a bookcase and that struck me as genius.  And a quick perusal of Canadian Tire showed they had packs of spring clamps of varying sizes for sale for $11.49, half of the usual price.

I whipped out and picked up two packs.  Total investment at this point, 20 bucks.  And that fits today's budget.

Warping was fun.  It was rhythmic and relaxing,

almost hypnotic in a way.  You had to stay present though, because each wind was a count and each 5 full wraps was an inch of width of finished fabric. Plus, the pegs, while they work well, are a little short.  They held 5 inches or 5 groups of 5 of this worsted weight yarn and no more.  

When the first one came off the clamps, I wanted to dance.  It looked so right!  However, that was just 5 inches of the new towels and there needed to be more than that.

And then there was.  

For interest I wound 3 sections of 5 inches each of the plain blue.  This is some old Cloud Cotton that I have fallen out of love with.  The colour,mind, not the yarn.  Putting it with the bright ball of mixed greens and blues and white, picks it right up.  I might like it yet!

Anyway, that was enough weaving pursuits for yesterday.  Today is spinning and something entirely new.  But I have no idea what.  I have three bobbins empty and it feels like the right time to play!

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