Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Cannot Focus

Yesterday turned into one long day of city putzing.  Though I left home at 8:00 and did not get home till 5:30, I accomplished very little.

In the morning I went spinning.  I had 2 fibres with me to work with, one a very light delicate alpaca and the other a good sturdy prep that I picked up a few years ago at Pam's Woolly Shoppe, I think I got it the day the Ravellers had the first yarn crawl in Edmonton.  I ended up working with this sturdier fibre.  
 I wanted to spin it and two ply a sample and then see what I have and I want to keep working that way with it till I sort out the unevenness in my spin twist.

And here we are, first go round, ready to come off the bobbin to learn to be a 2 ply.  I am also hoping that playing with samples, helps me overcome my hesitancy with 2 plying.  I have issues.  :)

I am going to get the lovely airy alpaca on the Julia for an at home project. It will give me good opportunity to play with the lace flyer that I have had so long and worked with so seldom.  I just need to spin more.  

And then I knit a little.  

I love working on this, and I love how it is mindless and yet not so mindless.  Those little stitches forming that ridge, keep me on my toes just enough that going once around doesn't feel like forever.  There is progress, but in this weight of yarn and this number of stitches, an inch of knitting takes a while.

And then I put together a chair.  Just another Ikea dining chair to complete my living room.  I kept going over and over things in my mind.  The debate ran between this and this and this.

Another non traditional living room chair to match my first.  While I really liked the Ektorp chair, it is just too large for the room.  The Ekero chair would have been fine, but it was just a little too blocky square.  Don't get me wrong.  I really like it and would love to build one, but it is wrong for this room and the things I need my chairs to do and be in this room.  Once the landlord cuts these shorter for me, they will be the perfect chair to knit from, to weave from and to spin from.  Chairs that fit me perfectly is such a novel idea.  This skirted chair fits the space too and more.  The pair of them can be put into service at the dining table at family gatherings.  We won't need quite so many lawn chairs at the table this year at Christmas!  

I built said chair last night (11:30 p.m.)  because I couldn't settle. I've been up since very early (4 a.m.) this morning too.  And haven't knit or spun a thing.  I am just too excited.  

I have a group of online buddies called the boodle.  We are a boodle because we are the kit and kaboodle of a journalists blog. In a way, we are the kitchen sink of people, a diverse lot of careers, of interests, of economic strata, of lifestyles of nationalities.  We share a bit of an oddball sense of humour and worked hard to respect our differences so we can see how similar we really are.  I have met a few before.  I met most of the Canadian boodlers but until now, only a few of the American crew.  

Boodlers are coming here! A couple plans to visit Jasper and Banff this summer, and we are getting together for a BPH.  (boodlespeak) They arrive later today and I am simply so excited!   

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