Monday, 3 July 2017

A long weekend Monday

You know how it is when you are retired?  A long weekend doesn't have the same meaning in your day to day world as it does when you are working.  So here I am, posting on a long weekend Monday.

I knit and managed at least one other interesting thing.

I have the Granito joined and am merrily knitting down the body of the sweater.  I added 10 stitches at the underarm to get the size from a medium for good shoulder fit to a larger size.  It makes the sleeves wider too, but keeps the close fitting underarm of the pattern.  There will need to be more upsizing as I go down and the debate is where and how to do it.

The thing that draws me to the sweater is the detail of that raised little ridge running down the sweater.  I want to keep that running straight and true.  What I am not so sure of is the pockets. If I want to keep the strong verticals as they are, the increases are going to have to be on the sides. That means the pocket area has to absorb all of those extra stitches and I am unconvinced that the extra width I need, will be good for pocket structure.  I am pretty sure that I am going to have to modify the pockets and make them only part of the way on the side panel.  From the project pages on Ravelry, it looks like others have done with with great success.

So some thinking, some knitting and some fooling around.  Just how I like it.

It's a funny sort of morning.  Brilliant early morning sunshine and calm

has ceded to strong breezes and overcast.  I'm not quite sure I can call it clouds.  It isn't showing up on the Weather Office radar,

bu I will take it.  Our forecast is hot and sunny, so any bit of cool you can get overnight or early in the day, will make things much more bearable. The sky is much grayer than this picture shows, but you can definitely see the loss of sun.  In the time it has taken me to write this post, it is, once again, sunny.  It's Alberta.  What can I say.

And then there is the other interesting thing.  I am off on a bit of an adventure today.  Not a travel adventure, but a weaving one.  I sorted out a problem I was having and wow.  It is so cool.  The internet is a weird and wonderful thing. Just sayin'.

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