Thursday, 6 July 2017


It was so exciting meeting Van and Mike yesterday.

I have known Mike for 10 years and Van for just a few years less. We used to call internet friends our 'imaginary' friends and then it became commonplace to have internet friends.  Now we are friends who have met!

And I am completely sorry that I didn't take a photo of Mike and Van together.  I am a dunce.  I meant to and then we went out to lunch.  Dunce am I.

I wanted to give them a little something special.  Keith gave me some ideas and it worked out pretty well.  

I had a red Canadian Beer cooler bag from back in the day when I used them as stash storage bags.

I got things that are not generally common in the US and that were portable and not going to be a problem if they made it across the border.  So no Kinder Surprise.

And the pièce de ré·sis·tance

butter tarts from the local bakery.  We may be a very small town, and the town may be known more for it's delicious sausage, but to me, we ought to be known for our superior bakery. They are a treasure and that is a fact. A half dozen butter tarts is just a little bit of heaven, snuggled between the store bought sweet treats.

A little bit of Canada that is good for the soul.  

They are off to the mountains and the Calgary Stampede and I hope they have a wonderful vacation!

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