Friday, 7 July 2017


I spent much of yesterday organizing my guest room/ gym/ toy room.  It had unused storage space in a funky little closet and I had boxes that needed a place to be stored.  Sanity reigns. Then I worked on my sewing area.  It had become a great place to dump stuff too.  Putting stuff away properly doesn't exactly use up a lot of ones mental capacity.  I thought of curtains as I worked.

It started a few weeks ago with my bedroom.  I would really like to finish off my bedroom window.  It has blinds, but I have never been a blind person.  Plus it is mint green.  I like green but this particular green is such a 90's shade.  I want to mitigate it with a layer of some light airy cotton, the kind that can blow in gentle breezes and more sturdy and light blocking panels at the side.  I can make panels from a lovely raimie fabric in a soft mossy green that matches a small throw I use in my bedroom.  It just needs a bit of re-working from the way I used it before.

That pretty dandelion fabric I showed you the other day, will be made into cafe type curtains for my living room.  I'd like a little more privacy without losing the lovely light in the room. I already had the rods.

Then, my daughter in law asked me to make some curtains for her.  She found a large piece of some very nice sheer fabric, printed with spring flowers all in white for 7 dollars.

 Plenty for some simple floor to ceiling sheers for one of her large living room windows. All I need to do is half it and hem it.

And then yesterday, it struck me that I had fabric that would make great curtains for the spare room.  The green blinds are there too, but again, blinds make it dark and private or light and not private.  I want light and private at the same time.  I have a very large swath of fabric left from the toile curtains I made at my wee house and a smaller piece of navy blue linen to update the look  with a navy bit at the hem.  

Each of the curtains are simple, needing just a small bit of sewing.  Hems, largely.  A little simple seaming here and there, but nothing hard.  No patterns.   

So after yesterday, the sewing area is tidy and ready.  The fabrics are ready and the weekend is set for sewing and curtains, curtains, curtains!

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