Friday, 14 July 2017

On the way to play

When I wound warps for my project on my new loom, I did not mention the one problem that cropped up.  Yarn use.

Because I want large towels and because I want to make 4 of them, the warp is long.  Because I did not calculate out my yarn requirements, I had no idea how much yarn I would need.  I was positive that there would be lots because I had tons and tons of the blue cotton. 

And I do.  Of the blue.  I used up just under half the bag, which bodes well for the weft.  What I did not plan so well, was that I used up the entire ball of the pretty Mod Ombre Handicrafter Cotton.

I was sop sure, I could just stop in and grab another.  There were lots there last time.  But no.  The last couple trips to anywhere with a Walmart, meant stop there to search for another ball of yarn. After stops at 4 Walmarts on various days.  I am so happy to report that I succeeded.

As you can see, I also managed to find other colours.  Plenty for washcloths enough for a long time.  There were plenty of other colours that I made myself put back.  

While I do intend to weave dishcloths, I also am planning on another set of towels in the very near future.  This first set of towels is going to be just plain weave to get familiar with the loom.  The next set is to teach myself to read a draft or pattern.  It is possible that there will be weaving of dishcloths in between.  I want to practise with this loom so I understand it,  before I work with the finer yarns and really start to play.  

I have work to do today with my closer grandkids.  This whole week has been all about the kids and visiting and while I love that I have my kiddies so close, and that I get to see them so much, I am really in need of a couple days of peace and quiet with no need to do anything other than stay at home and play.  The loom awaits.  There is a carder to try out and 2 fleece that are in desperate need of prepping for spinning. There is knitting and spinning and curtains, and... The list goes on.

I have been very busy this week, but next week?  Look out next week.

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