Monday, 17 July 2017

Exciting Times

Why so exciting?  Small things are going to do big things today!

These are my miniature pieces.

I have spoken about my fascination with small things before on the blog.  January 4, 2009 actually. 

It's almost that long since I played with my little things, though they have always been thought of and dreamed about.  They have moved with me and have been saved and loved, even though I did not have the time or a place for them.  

A long held dream of mine is coming true today.  My miniatures will finally have a home.

This cabinet was in the main bathroom at my house.  I thought many times, that it was the perfect cabinet for a cabinet dollhouse.  Over many years I dreamed and planned.  I searched for just the right antique.  I thought about buying someones unloved dining room cabinet and hutch.  At my wee house, I was planning for a bookcase dollhouse.  As I prepared for this last move, I had all but given up having room for one at all.  

Once the house went up for sale, I thought about this cabinet again.  It was such an integral part of how we used that bathroom, that I wasn't sure if I should take it. But the realtor assured me it would be fine.   The cabinet stayed at the house, in use, till we were done there, and has been in the garage, waiting ever since.

With 2 weeks where there are no demands on my time and a general household sort and order underway, I made noise and the landlord/roomie brought it in.  I cleaned it up last night and today, the miniatures move in.  I feel like it's move in day in a real house. Move in day is all white walls and whatever people left behind, and you have all the pleasure of making it into a home to suit yourself.    

There are things missing, as you can see from the 'rooms' above.  I have no kitchen and no bedroom furniture. This is going to have to be addressed slowly over time.  I hope to make most of it myself using the many and varied miniatures books I have.  And carpets.  Maybe I could weave those?  And curtains.  And wall finishes.  And a garden.  I will finally get to knit and embroider my garden.

The house has three floors as it is.  Kitchen, laundry and dining area on the lowest floor.  Living room and entrance to the stately abode on the middle floor, and bedroom or bedrooms and bath on the top floor. The big debate is going to be about the studio and garden.  On the top surface as a rooftop garden with a shed converted to a studio or an attic studio and walkout garden in the drawer?     

So much to do and absolutely no rush.  Perfect.

If you go back and read the whole blog post, you will understand why this is important to me.  Why it is perhaps even more important now.  I have learned so much about the unforgiving, relentless nature of life, and how, though we see our human species as separate from mother nature,  we are just as subject to the ebb and flow of living in a world we do not control, as that mosquito you squash when it bites you.  

Big stuff happened to the people in my life, and though a thread of sorrow runs through everything I have become, I remain absolutely convinced of the truth of this.

"...I have come to find, that joy is the important thing. That finding joy is a purpose just as sure and important as finding a decent job, and just as real as having 4 sturdy walls to live in. If I cannot look at the sky when it is blue and laugh, if I cannot see the flowers in the gardens among the weeds, if I cannot see the sunset and the gray skies and the lightning for the beauty and majesty they are, if I cannot laugh when a knit stitch turns unexpectedly red from blue, then I have missed the point."

At slightly more than 59,  I remain content to play and I know that I remain the luckiest person in the world. 

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