Thursday, 13 July 2017

And then what

Bear surgery went as planned and bear has a lovely knitted heart 'tattoo' on his backside but I forgot to take a picture of it before I left. But trust me.  Well repaired.

I did other knitting too.  It was a rainy and cool couple of days so we did watch our fair share of movies.  Grandmas can also knit while lego building is going on and in between our parts of superhero fights and stuff like that.  There was actually a fair bit of knitting.

I pulled a bag of yarn from my box of sock yarn ends and had it with me along with a spare set of needles.  Over the last few months as I gathered and sorted through boxes of stuff that was moved and came to realize how much sock yarn ends and bits I had once again accumulated.  The other day when I pulled out my oldest WIP a pair of Deep in The Forest Mittens, there were 3 balls, 2 of them quite large, of sock yarn ends stuffed in with that. I am starting to think they breed in corners if you don't look often enough.  Once I put them in the box with the rest, the box no longer closed.  I hate that.  It means that no matter what I do, the box is a mess.  Stuff didn't have a home where it ought to have a home.

That is always my breaking point.  If the stuff doesn't fit, then it becomes untenable to me. I knew it was time to deal with it and the best way to deal with it is socks.  Monstersocks.

I love making these.  It becomes such a game of colours and yarn dyed patterning and you never know how it will turn out.  Its fun to watch and fun to knit and there are so many ways to knit them!

I went into this pair with the smallest bit of a plan.  I wanted to do 7 row stripes of whatever yarn I chose with narrow stripes of a dark yarns.  I love how weird colour sets can look amazing if you offset them with dark strong colours.  I had an ball of black and right under that, an interesting ball of mostly orange.  So those were the starting point.  After the first set, I dug for the next yarn choice.  I found a nice little ball of a very pretty tonal orange but as you see, this ball already had a lot of very plain orange sections.  I didn't think it would add anything to my mix.  There were some greens with orangy bits too, that I debated over, till I came up with an interesting bit that was blues, white, rust and orange and decided to work with that.  I am pretty pleased with the way it has come together.

If you look to the 3 row black stripes you can see the yarn changes and then you can see where colour changes happen naturally in each of the two yarns I am using besides the black.   I think that is plenty of variation in this sock so I am sticking with just the three balls for this pair.  

It's kind of fun and the colours are bright and happy and they make me smile to the bottom of my knitter's heart.   

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