Monday, 10 July 2017

Too Hot to Knit?

Too Hot to Knit?  Sort of.  It's more that my gumption was sucked out of me by days of heat.  All I wanted to do was sleep. Which of course, I did not.  It was too hot to sleep.

This morning is better though. Not so hot and I picked up knitting even before I made coffee.

It's not showing huge amounts of progress, but there is progress.  It is almost 3 inches now and I am thrilled by that.  And those little ridges keep your eyes on the prize so to speak and it never gets dull.

As I knit this for me, I keep thinking about a sweater I have to finish soon.  I have one on the needles for one of my daughters in law.  It is stalled by a truly ugly awful join.  I have to rip back to the start and I have been avoiding it for months.

Maybe that is what my heat miasma is about.  That I know I have to do it but that I am working very hard to avoid doing it. Sure, I'll go with that.

Stay cool people.

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