Monday, 19 June 2017

Where Did the Weekend Go?

Where did the weekend go?

It took most of Saturday to get the loom completely set up.  Even now, I am pretty sure that there is one thing I should go in and sort out but I am not sure I am feeling the urge.

It is very very sturdy.  Not heavy though, just solid.  Really well made.

Finishing the set up made one thing really apparent.  I needed to do a good clean in my living room.

Now I just have to figure out how to warp this it!  I have the yarn picked.  Just a plain cotton yarn that started for a sweater, so I have a lot, but that the colour really isn't what I wanted in the first place, and I have no idea why I bought it.  But it will be great to play with and see what I can do.  First up some dishcloths.  Then I want to do some hand towels and maybe play with some of the things this 8 shaft wee beastie can do.  Just like knitting, there are huge resources online.  Step one, is after all, play.

I meant to get more accomplished on Sunday, but it didn't happen.  Sunday, the boys brought up my treadmill from the garage, and I started to get the guest bedroom organized around it. Which made me think seriously about reorganizing my bedroom/study, which put me into the mood for nothing more than a nap.  So I tested out my loveseat.  Very, very nap worthy.

I did a little spinning here and there through the weekend.  I did a little knitting.

Very little.  Three rounds on Cassie's dress top little.  But these were good solid rounds of knitting.  It took this pretty little thing from an amorphous blob of yoke to sleeves and body.

I just started the last skein of this pretty pink yarn so I know I have plenty for making little cap sleeves, which have been specifically requested by Cassie. Finishing this little thing is going to take next to no time at all.

Today dawned bright and sunny so all the work outside that has been waiting while I sorted out the old place, and waiting till the rains ended, is going to happen today.  There is a deck to sort out and some seeds to plant in the front, and then a little bit of weeding.

But first coffee, know.  Coffee.

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