Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Bad Things and Good Things

I am sitting here this morning, just listening to trains roll by outside and listening to drenched birds singing.  I feel a little lacklustre  It is one of those mornings.  No spinning this morning and while I miss the company, I am not missing the drive. I just really needed to stay home this week. 

It turned out to be a wise plan.  I live across from the community ball park.  On the weekend, there was a tournament.  On the weekend, my car wind shield got smashed.  I didn't even see it till my neighbour came over yesterday, late in the afternoon, and asked what happened to my window.  I just had been outside and gone to get groceries with the landlord, but I just did not look at the car at all.  

I tried really hard to look on the bright side.  At least they didn't hit the body of the car.  I have a feeling that would have been a more expensive repair.  The town people are coming over to look at it today and I sure hope they will offer to compensate for the loss.  No driving for me till I get it repaired.  

But spinning.  There will be spinning today because it is spinning day.  I plan to devote my morning to spinning as much of the current braid as I possibly can.

After that I am going to have to devote the rest of the day to sorting out my sewing area.  It is currently overwhelmed with stuff that needs putting away and that needs sewing.  Once I get my sewing area tidied, I have a couple of urgent projects.  I have clothing that is in need of repair and curtains to make.  I have some lovely fabric and it needs to hang.  

A friend pointed this Ikea pattern out several years ago, when it first appeared on the market.  I always thought it would end up in my bedroom, but here I am, thinking that it will make the perfect cafe curtains for my living room.  And it will almost make the awkward minty green blinds almost look good. Almost.

And yes.  I will have dandelions on my living room curtains.

The real driver to getting the sewing table tidied though isn't pretty curtains.  It is this.

Along with all of yesterday's failure to be a good day, there were good things.  I finished this pretty little dress top.  It has sleeves just like Cassie asked for.  I might redo the garter stitch to tighten up the bottoms a bit, but overall, the dress top is a win.

That means that it is time to get the skirt sewn.  Other than a lot of close gathering of this almost sheer fabric, there isn't a whole lot of sewing, so I don't expect it will take a lot of time.  I think it will have a tie in back, to help keep things smooth around her.  I am hoping that it is loose enough that she can wear it for at least a year.  She is a tiny thing though, in comparison to all the other girls in her pre-school class, 

and as ever, just as cute as a button with a joyousness that I hope she never loses.

So this proud Grandma with a broken wind shield is going to sew flowers and spin today and contemplate the pretty things in my world.  

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Anonymous said...

I bought some dandelion jelly at a market on Saturday. :) GD