Friday, 16 June 2017

Loom Freedom Day!

I spent the whole of yesterday tending to new stuff.

I freed my loom from the shipping box.

If I can just say something about Leclerc.  They really know how to pack stuff.  Even the box with reeds and extra bobbins was packed to the nth degree.  Really amazing work.  There were three boxes and if I put the time together that it took, just to open the boxes and get the stuff out, we are talking hours.  Breaking them down for recycle was yet another bit of fun and time.  I spent 45 minutes breaking down the loom packing box this morning.   Stuff from them is going to arrive damage free as often as is humanly possible.  Impressive.

This was yesterday morning and two sides off the box.

This was a cup of coffee and 4 sides and the top off.

Loom freedom!

And this is where I am at this morning.  I have two heddle frames, 2 of 8 shafts filled with their heddles, and many many more to go.  450 left to go to be precise.

Of all the parts of getting the loom organized, this is the part that is taking me the longest.  I haven't found a way that really makes the loading of heddles a smooth and easy operation.  There will be a few more hours spent doing this and all I really hope at this point is that I love the way these heddles work, because it would be a seriously big job to change them out.

I do wonder about Texsolv heddles (a cord type of heddle) and if they would have been an easier choice. I can always change them out.  It isn't impossible.  It is just that putting these on is making me really, really, really want to adore the regular heddles.

I did a little spinning this morning because the knitting is tucked behind to loom stand and is difficult to get to while the spinning wheel is right by my chair.  Coming along nicely too.  Just a few more sessions and I can ply it into yarn.  I am looking forward to that.

I am going to pick up the pretty pink I was working on the other day, to knit while I play with my grandkiddies this afternoon.  My granddaughter always loves it when I am working on something for her.  Marcus is interested but at his age, couldn't care less, if it is for him or not.  He just likes to help.

So here is to weekends and freedom and heddles on a loom.

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