Wednesday, 21 June 2017

I think I have said it before: EEEEEeeeep

I realized something yesterday.  

I have not been knitting much on socks.  While I think I have been knitting tons on socks this year and while it feels like I have, I have not actually been knitting a lot on socks. Much too much time is spent sitting empty handed staring at the TV, watching something I really don't have much interest in.  
How do I know this?  Because I was updating projects on Ravelry yesterday and found there is only one sock photo in my sock parade.  

Yup.  That is it.  The only sock I completed so far this year, besides the ones I completed a week or so ago which need to be added the the parade.

The revelation started because ta da,

finished socks! One might call this a cheater pair, because it is for Cassie, but a sock is a sock is a sock and a pair is a pair.  This is a lovely wool cotton and nylon blend called Cotton Fun by Meilenweit.  One of my all time favourite blends.

As  I was gathering evidence for how few socks were completed, I also took stock of how many pairs are on going.  My purse has seemed distressingly empty of things I want to be working on of late and now I understand why.

Both of these are socks with patterns. The purple, red and gold pair are a pattern I can do anywhere, but I have some concerns about dragging the knitted sock blank with me.  But this sorry sum of socks is all the socks I have on needles at the moment.  Somewhere in this house there are bundles and bundles of empty sock needles.

I have a huge bin devoted to sock yarn and 

a bunch of loose balls

and a big box of sock ends for monster socks.  Lots and lots of sock yarn here. No excuse for not having more on the go.  I have been sitting empty handed far too often and in need of something simple to knit and that isn't good for my mental health.  Time to pull out some yarns and some combinations of scraps and get some purse knitting going. 

So, a few new things to knit, and suddenly I feel much relieved.  A positive step forward after a morass of a spring.

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