Monday, 12 June 2017

Forward and backward at the same time.

And here we are, a weekend has passed and I have the sum total of nothing really accomplished. Forward and backwards.

I did knit a little but not enough to finish this sock.

I did a little of this.

Well, all of it really.  It is the stand for my loom, which is in the one box that needed a signature, and we weren't home.  I have parts, but the main body of the loom will come today.  I hope.

I did a little kiddie sitting, which much as I love them, puts me very very behind on the work of this week, which is the final yard cleaning at my house.  So much was done this weekend.  The house is cleaned out and the move out clean is done.  The garage is cleaned out but for hosing it out.  There is some garbage to be sorted and hauled around the outbuildings and then to haul that away, and a lawn to mow and we are done.

One step at a time though the days runs too short and I don't really have the desire.  Still one step at a time.  It will come. Forwards and back.

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