Friday, 9 June 2017

Completely New Things

I don't think I have talked about this before.  Ever.  But it has been going on a while now and it is time to get it off my chest.

I saw these some time ago.  I have no idea where but it least a year ago.  And I wanted them.  Badly.  I was burning with the need to have a pair of soles to play with of my own.

I have a box of leather scraps.  I have worsted cottons I could knit.  I would love to play with twine of various kinds.  

And after waiting in vain to find a Canadian supplier, I found some via Amazon via a UK purveyor.  

I originally thought about knitting the tops.  That just seemed to be the obvious logical thing to try.  And it may very well be the way I go with this, but they may not be the final option. 

I am going to wing it with these and have a little fun.  

But not today.  Today the junk man comes to my big old house.  Our final day there looms, and everything that is left goes today.  Then a little yard work touch ups and, well, that part will be done.

And it is time.  I am done.  I am tired and I am waiting just a few more days to be relieved.  

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