Tuesday, 13 June 2017

And Done

And done.

I managed to squeak in just a tiny bit of knitting and managed to finish up the socks while I waited for my loom to be delivered.  A nice two by two ribbing and heels.  Or not.  Suffice it to call them done and into the waiting for heels pile.  Or perhaps it should be the future socks pile. By 10:30, the loom arrived and I was off for the day.

I got some of the lawn mowed which kind of was a bonus.  There was less other work to do.  Today's job is mowing more, and then burning some of the scrap lumber that accumulated over the years as well as some that was damaged when we put the new well in last summer.  But very soon, one way or another, it will be done.

It's time.  I think we all feel like we have been moving and cleaning out for months.  Me personally, I feel like I have been doing it for years. I am not sure I know how to live without that house and that task looming over me.

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