Wednesday, 14 June 2017

And spinning!

Tuesday is spinning!  I really enjoy doing this regular spinning gig but I keep forgetting to being my camera.

My fibre, once again is pretty plain.  What was a vibrantly orange rusty gray braid is a softer gray braid that will have warm rust sections.  All winter I spun bright reddish coloured braids.  Last year it felt like I spun green.  So far this year, it spring, it feels as if all I spun up is gray.  I need some colour

 Like this!

This is Frazzledknitter's lovely easter eggy concoction.  I simply adore how these short colours sections are working up.  I have got to get me some of that.  Or, perhaps, I have to dye me some of that.

I am drawn to colour, no doubt about that, but it is time to start thinking not just about colours, but how those colours will perform when they are spun up.  I always seem to end up with fibres that have long stretches of colour and I wonder if I am missing some of the play of the possibilities that spinning fibre is.

It also might be time to take a break from coloured fibre and spin up a bag of the plain fibre I have in stock.  There are plans for plain fibre and I think my spinning is getting to where I wanted it to be before starting work on that project.  I was looking only for the ability to spin consistently fine and I seem to have found my standard weight.  The last few bobbins have been pretty good, not perfect by any means, but that is not what this is about. 

The spinning thing really is about spinning yarn for my own shawl.  There are lots of other adventures to be had along the way, but the real goal for me is to spin fibre fine enough for a shawl in the Icelandic tradition with its marvellous soft natural colour changes.  

It's also time to ply up some of the things I have spun over the last months.  I have done a fair bit of spinning but not a lot of plying and the proof of what yarn you are turning out is in the plying. Time to sort more of that out.  I believe a lost thread on a bobbin was what stalled me.  

But not today.  Today is for old things and putting them to rest.  So I can rest.  I am really looking forward to that part.

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