Wednesday, 28 June 2017

A little knitting

After spinning yesterday morning, I went to knit with some ladies for the afternoon.  It was in an effort not to go shopping and it was lovely.  I avoided all the stores with yarn and more importantly the store with the last chair to complete my livingroom, and the two tall but narrow shelves that I want to fit in one last corner that needs a little something.  That is next month country. Till I can be sure my bills are covered, they need to wait.

It is always lovely being in the company of knitters.  It is always nice to be in the company of people who create and appreciate hand work of any kind.  Not everyone does and more pity to them.

So I got in just enough knitting to have both left and right shoulders on the front done.  

If I were knitting exactly to pattern, I would join at this point and knit the rest of the front in one piece, but since I am opting to make a little bit of a front opening, I have some back and forth work to do on both fronts.  

I hope to have both done by the end of the day though I think that might be a bit more than I can do.  So this isn't a plan.  It is more of a fond wish.  A plan would mean that I intend to get there, but this is more that knitting is calling and it wants me to knit.  

It is cool and cloudy out today, cool enough that wool is being worn on my feet, on my back and at my neck.  A knitting three-fer, if you will.  It may be a very good day for baking something just to warm up the kitchen a bit. It may well be a good day for soup or a casserole that could bake slowly in the oven while I knit.  Perhaps Pot Roast?

I am footloose and fancy free today.  No tasks to take me out of my house and yard.  Just knitting and woolly warmth.

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