Thursday, 29 June 2017

Fun Knitting!

I knew I wasn't motivated to do a whole lot yesterday but honestly, I thought it was just that I wasn't motivated to knit.  I accomplished nothing yesterday, in any sphere.  One side was done to the bottom of the henely split, but most of the knitting was completed this morning in a spurt of early morning eagerness.

And joined.  Just.

I still have about 3 inches to knit to get to the full length before I can join front and backs for the body of the sweater, so there is a fair bit of knitting still, but can I just say, how much fun I am having with this?  I am having so much fun with this!

I love knitting with fine yarns.  My first real knitting, other than a few rows just to see if I could, was a sock in regular sock yarn.  Every time I do something in this weight of yarn, I remember that feeling, that special tingle of giddy joy that I felt that first time I worked on something practical and useful.

Knitting a sweater is a big commitment. Knitting a fingering weight sweater is a bigger commitment.   Knitting a fingering weight sweater for a very plus sized person is bigger still but none of these are so overwhelmingly huge that it cannot be done. It is all in how you think about knitting a garment.  If you think it will take ages, it will feel like ages.  If you think it will go fast, it usually does.

I started this on June 23 and I have the upper back done and half of the upper front.  That is pretty good for the number of hours I spent knitting.  The only day I spent a very large chunk of time working on it was the first day.  Every other day since has been filled with a lot more life than knitting life and I still have really satisfying progress.  By the end of the 6th day, I will have the entire upper body complete.  Nothing to sneeze at. It is going pretty fast.

I don't knit particularly fast.  Rather I spend a lot of hours knitting.  Except for  a few days scattered through the really really stressful times (not the busy times, just the stressful ones) I knit every single day.  There is no trick to what seems like fast knitting other than a deep and abiding love of knitting.

I could tell you much more.  I could spend hours talking about why I love it and all the things that excite me about it, but I do that every day in one way or another.  So I won't.  What I really want to do right now is knit.

So, bye bye.  For now.

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