Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Well, so here we are at spinning day once again and as determined as I was to have this braid completed, I do not.  I did spin a couple days over the last week, but not so much as I planned.

I am ever a work in progress. I am very pleased to say that my spinning quality, while not perfect is very much improved from what it was not so long ago.  The spinning all through this braid is fine and quite evenly spun.  I don't know that even is really tremendously important in the long run, but my goal for spinning is to produce a finished yarn that is no heavier than a fingering weight.  I am really aiming for a 2 ply laceweight as my long term goal.  Even spinning is definitely part of that goal.  Someday, I intend to spin me a lace shawl. That is what I saw the first day I saw what spinning was about and that remains the dream.

I had a full day of errands and meetings yesterday.  I did all kinds of little things like getting a library card and getting my address changed at my bank and getting my Co-op memebership (It is the best grocery store in these parts!).  While I was out, I stopped at the big box giant down the road to see how their cotton supply was.

I have lots of plans for much more weaving than thick cotton towels and dishcloths, but thick cotton is a great place to start. The weight makes it easy to see if patterns are developing properly and it should be easy to teach myself how to keep my fibres nicely balanced. They had a decent supply and to be honest, I had a tough time choosing colours. In the end I went with these simply because they were the brightest!

I wonder if this kind of cotton yarn would be heavy enough for a woven rug?  I could use another rug in my bathroom and that pretty orange creamsicle colour would look great with my bright yellow towels.  Maybe doubled?

Both of the multi colours have a strong yellow component.  I seem to be having a very yellow time lately.  My bedroom was planned to be yellow.  My livingroom is yellow by accident.  Surely I am not the only person on earth who choose a thing because it is yellow? I am, aren't I?  It was yellow.  Nothing more.  I am deeply attracted to bright yellow accented by crisp white with blues and greens to go with it.  It is possible that I need some bright yellow yarn too.

But first, warping. And that is going to take a good days worth of work.  Not today though.  Today is for spinning and visiting with friends.

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