Thursday, 11 May 2017

Friends Again

I made peace with my red sweater.  I did have to drop all the stitches for the problem sectiont and redo, making it match all the others. I think I even know what I differently on this one spot in comparison to all the other increases sections.  It worked out and all is well.

We are once again back in the land of magical knitting.  I'm a little late posting this, because I knew that it was just a wee bit more and I could show you this!

I have just separated for the sleeves and that means...

I am one third done this sweater.

I don't intend on long sleeves.  A summer cover up really doesn't need that.  What it does need is just a few rounds and then a rolled edge similar to what I am doing on the button band.  I think.  

The only significant amount of knitting that remains is the body of it and that isn't a difficult thing at all.  Only a few increases down the side, not even one per lace repeat, so it will be much easier to stay on track.

So there it is.  The world is unfolding as it should.

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