Friday, 12 May 2017

Contemplating a Knitter's Room

My living room is where everything happens.  

The swift is on the floor so that I can wind up the red cotton for my sweater.  It's been there a couple days.  No biggie.  It isn't in the way.

There is a stack of books by the chair.  I took them out when I was searching for lace.  Most made it back on to shelves, but I seem to have a small problem that there isn't quite enough room for them as the shelves are currently arranged.  I keep telling myself that this is fine.  It will get sorted out when I organize my books but when I really am honest with myself,  I don't think organizing is going to fix my problem. I love problems like this, where you have too many books for the space you have allotted them, particularly when they are knitting, embroidery, spinning, and miniature kinds of books. 

There are three storage footstools filled with WIPs.  No problem there at all.

There is a yarn bowl on the coffee table overflowing with sock projects and some spare yarn.  There is a yarn top right beside the TV with a ball of lace weight yarn on it, all attached to the needles and a proto shawl. My current project is in a bag on top of one of the WIP stools.

There is a small box with 3 drawers for all the little knitting accoutrement's a knitter needs.  Needles, markers, scissors, tape measures.  There is another much larger box on the shelf of the coffee table with the rest of the tools of knitting.

This is a knitter's living space.  As it is also filled with books and blue and white china, and a host of dvds and blu-rays, it proclaims itself to be not just any knitters room, but mine.  It is everything I want to surround myself with.  And I do like it.  I love it.

But some days I am also struck by the elephant in the room.  That it is only mine.

Good and bad always walk side by side. And so it goes.

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