Wednesday, 10 May 2017

This was yesterday summed up succinctly.  I finished sock one of this pretty skein of Kroy.  I have just enough left for a double stranded afterthought heel.  Doubling the yarn has become my go to technique for a longer lasting heel.

Even better, a quick look through the all the yarn that seemed to be sitting in my WIP boxes for no reason, and I found the matching skein for the second sock.

As you can see, I stopped at the yarn store yesterday on my way home from west side appointments.  I was sort of looking for something, but I wasn't too worried.  I always find something at the yarn store even if it isn't what I was looking for.

I was hoping to find something with a twist that better suited these pretty skeins from Sweet Georgia.  I plan to make Laura Aylor's First Point Of Libra Shawl with these for the colour gradient.

I did purchase a gray sock yarn, but it was a pretty plebian commercial yarn and the more time passed, the more convinced I became that it was not OK.  The twist  gray was so different.

As I was doing my stash update on Ravelry, I realized I had nothing that I would use in place of that gray, and that a remedy was in order.  And done.  Two skeins from River City Yarns Hat Trick Semi Solid series.

It is a deep rich gray, dyed for them by Ancient Arts out of Calgary and it is just lovely.  As much as I love the way this yarn's twist is going to look with the Sweet Georgia Gradients, I love the gentle semi solid too.

And bringing up the yarn collecting for the day, is another great big ball of Kauni in Ecru.

I have a shawl pattern, the Dancing Reindeer shawl,  ready and waiting for these stunning green to yellow skeins of Kauni and a single skein of Ecru Kauni.

I am really worried that I don't have quite enough of the ecru and as we all know by now, I hate to run short.  So, another skein of Kauni.  That is my story and I am sticking to it.

And that was my day.  Yesterdays regularly scheduled spinning is going to be todays lunch time spinning , so there is lots to look forward too.  But first coffee and to see if I can sort out my red sweater problem.  I have high hopes for the coffee.  The sweater, high hopes, but tempered with just a touch of skepticism.

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